Become a Volunteer

Volunteer positions are filled through a simple application process.
Upon submitting your application, you will contacted by the Volunteer Coordinator to ensure that there is a match between yourself and the role.

All Volunteers are expected to act in accordance with the Chapter vision, mission, principles, values and strategies.
Find these documents here:
All Volunteers must be Members in good standing * and have signed a current Confidentiality Agreement.

Current Open Volunteer Positions

Communications Coordinator
This position reports to the Director of Communications.
The Communications Coordinator is responsible for the following activities:
  • Coordinate communications for events and general meetings
  • Coordinate the production and distribution of Chapter newsletters in accordance with the communication strategy
  • Manage and update Chapter templates IIBA Calgary Chapter Policies & Procedures

Sponsorship Coordinator
This position reports to the Vice President.
The Sponsorship Coordinator is responsible for the following activities:

  • Create, maintain and update sponsorship package materials
  • Manage sponsorship contracts
  • Assist the Vice President in engaging and retaining organizations for sponsorship of the Chapter
  • Coordinate and regularly review sponsorship benefits
  • Maintain relationships with sponsoring organizations

Events Outreach Coordinator
This position reports to the Events Director

  • Maintain existing chapter speaker pool by updating all relevant speaker details, information and record as required
  • Manage and maintain correspondence with speakers and potential speakers as part of engagement activities leading up to event invitation and partnerships
  • Liaise with board members and other chapter volunteers to identify potential speakers within their network/organizations and assess their suitability for the chapter’s speaker pool
  • Conduct collaborative and independent research on LinkedIn, organizational charts, IIBA website, PMI website, relevant business journals and other available sources to identify potential speakers suitable for the chapter’s speaker pool
  • Work collaboratively with team members, board and other volunteers on event planning and execution


Please send an email to to apply for any of the above noted positions.
Be sure to enclose a recent copy of your Resume and specify which position you are applying for.

* An indiviual who has paid their current annual dues to International Institute of Business Analysis™ (IIBA®)