Become a Volunteer

Volunteer positions are filled through an application process.
Upon submitting your application you will contacted by the Volunteer Coordinator to ensure that there is a match between yourself and the role.

All Volunteers are expected to act in accordance with the Chapter vision, mission, principles, values and strategies.
Find these documents here:
All Volunteers must be Members in good standing * and have signed a current Confidentiality Agreement.

Current Open Volunteer Positions

Call for Candidates! Elections Fall 2020

vote-button-th.pngThe following Board Positions are up for election this fall:

  • Treasurer - Candidate: Corey Hyndman,
  • Director of Education - Incumbent:  Eno Eka,
  • Director of Events - Vacant,
  • Director of Member Services - Incumbent:  Depika Dalal,

This Call for Candidates will be active for 30 days, ending on November 15, 2020.
Election Date to be published shortly, but anticipated to be sometime later in November 2020.

​If you are interested in putting your name forward for one of the above positions, you are are encouraged to visit our 'Bylaws and Chapter Governance Page' at:

Kindly review our 'Chapter Bylaws' as well as the 'Chapter Policies & Procedures' documents.
Job Descriptions for the above noted positions can be found in the 'Chapter Policies & Procedures' document.


To see our current slate of Board Members:

To see our current slate of volunteers:

Should you wish to put your name forward as a candidate send an email with your Resume and Cover Letter to:  (include the position for which you wish to be considered a candidate):

Study Group Leaders Needed for BABOK or AGILE Study Group Sessions

Are you looking to add to your Continuing Development Units? Then why not join us a Volunteer Study Group Leader?
  • Study Group Material for the sessions is provided by IIBA
  • This position reports in to the Study Group Coordinator and/or Director of Education
  • Sessions typically are held on one evening per week for 3 hours for a total of 12 weeks
  • Due to current circumstances these sessions will be held online via Google Meet

Finance Advisor
This position reports to the Treasurer.
The Finance Advisor is responsible for the following activities:

  • Provide advice to the Treasurer regarding production of the annual Chapter budget
  • assist with production of mid year financial reporting
  • assist with production of year end financial reporting
  • Review financial statements for completeness and accuracy
  • Assist with the annual review and audit process
Note:  To serve as Finance Advisor, the individual must possess a verifiable background in finance/accounting

This position reports to the Treasurer.
The Bookkeeper is responsible for the following activities:

  • Maintain and update the annual Chapter budget
  • Manage petty cash for the Chapter
  • Create journal entries for accounts payable and receivable
  • Perform bank account reconciliations
  • Provide transactional input to financial statements and reporting processes
Note:  To serve as Bookkeeper, the individual must understand the principles (GAAP) of how to accurately maintain financial records

Please send an email to to apply for any of the above noted positions.
Be sure to enclose a recent copy of your Resume and specify which position you are applying for.

* An indiviual who has paid their current annual dues to both IIBA (International Membership) and Calgary Chapter.