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Update from International Institute of Business Analysis™ (IIBA®)

IIBA Membership Now Includes Chapter Membership

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What's Happening?

IIBA Membership announces global membership now includes Chapter Membership. Members gain global pass to access any event in the world, connect, network, and learn together.

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Thursday, May 27, 2021 | 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM MST

Featuring 'Leadership' - Second Event in Series!




In this second event in our Series, Dianna Pieper will share how you can step in as a BA and lead through influencing. Come and learn how you can deploy leadership and influential skills to drive project success and champion change in your organization.

  • Members:          $ 25.00 CAD
  • Non Members:   $ 60.00 CAD

Pay only 1 fee & register only 1 time for all 6 events in the series!

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Troy Ronmark

Dianna Pieper, Consultant
Dianna has been in IT roles ranging from Developer to Manager for over 25 years. She has implemented various programs and projects from COTS through to custom build deployments, overseeing projects and portfolios ensuring quality, security and scalability through practice, consensus and collaboration.

Dianna previously graced us with her knowledge when she presented "Digital Transformation" duirng our Chapter PDD in October 2020 and we welcome her back to lead us through this series.

Professional Development Day 2021 will be held virtually on Monday, June 14, 2021

For full details on the speakers and agenda visit the PDD 2021 program page.
Take advantage of Early Bird pricing and register before May 15.

Tia Graham
Chief Happiness Officer | Founder | Author | Consultant

Q&A With Your Keynote Speaker, Tia Graham

1. How many countries have you lived in? Where is your favorite place to Travel?

I have lived in 4 countries, Canada, United States, Spain, and Turkey.
Ooooh that is a tough question! My favorite place to travel is probably Europe as you can see so much and experience a lot of countries and cultures easily.

2. What is the most exotic dish you have ever had?

My husband and I spent an Easter on Mykonos with colleagues one year and it was a very authentic experience. One exotic dish that I tried was Magiritsa. I cannot say that I enjoyed it very much ;)

3. What is an example of spending money on experience to make you happier?

When you spend money on others (family, friends, colleagues, strangers), it will make you feel happier than spending on yourself.

4. How critical is happiness to success?

Happiness is vital to success! When you are happy and well, your physical immune system is stronger and healthier, you are more productive, engaged, and creative. I look at success holistically, it is your physical, psychological, intellectual, relational, and emotional well-being. Success is not just your title, finances, and “outside” perceived success. When you are happy, you lift others up around you including clients, colleagues, friends, family, and your community. Emotions are contagious both in the positive and negative way. Happy people sell more, are better team mates, and inspire others around them.

5. What can I expect to take away from your Keynote at PDD 2021?

In this motivating and interactive session, attendees will be inspired by the science of happiness and the connection between happiness and professional success. The group will learn about the SPIRE Model of Well-Being and the upside of stress, and connect to Tia’s personal stories. The presentation includes strategies and tactics to connect with clients and build positive relationships!

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An Article from one of our Sponsors

Briana Loughlin, Business Development Manager – Improving

Beyond learning, its time to connect

Professional development helps employees continue to not only be competent in their profession, but also excel in it. By actively pursuing professional development one can ensure that their knowledge and skills stay relevant and up to date in today's fast changing world, staying in the know of changing trends and directions in an industry.

While all this is true, one key aspect of professional development that is often overlooked is the opportunity to engage and connect with your professional community. In this past year, connectivity has taken on a whole new look with this virtual setting. But it has never been more important than now to stay connected.

Professional development, whether its full credit-based classes, immersive 2-day certification training or maybe a free webinar, provides the perfect forum to network, engage, and connect with like-minded people in your industry or field. It’s a chance to learn from each other, help problem-solve or answer tough questions together, in a safe, learning space.

Connecting with the community you work in can not only provide you the chance to learn something new and excel, but you may even find your involvement can help others rise above. And in this time of turbulence in our local economy, what better way to help by simply being present or providing a mentoring ear to someone who needs a boost.

So, as you navigate this ever-changing virtual work setting, consider looking at how you approach professional development opportunities? Will you focus only on the certificate or badge, or will you create the chance to meet new people and grow your network?

At Improving, people are our foundation and we are deeply rooted in our commitment to establishing trusting relationships and lifting those around us. Connecting with our communities and partners at events like the IIBA Calgary Chapter - People Process Technology Series and the IIBA Professional Development Day allows us to engage with and learn from you, our Calgary BA community.

We are also thrilled to be able to invite you to a free virtual conference June 7 to June 11, 2021 with 3 talks a day covering topics including Data & AI, blockchain, leadership, product management and others.

Looking to enhance your Agile skills? Improving is pleased to offer public and private training in Agile, Scrum and more!

Want more information on the free virtual conference? View the details and speakers on the THE IMPROVING EDGE website.


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