Governance with Clarity and Purpose

Welcome to the foundational cornerstones of the IIBA® Calgary Chapter — our Bylaws and Policies & Procedures. These documents are not just formalities; they are the blueprint of our commitment to transparency, accountability, and excellence in serving our members and the broader business analysis community.

Our Chapter Bylaws: The Framework of Our Chapter
Our Bylaws are the defining document for how our chapter operates. They provide a clear structure for management and guide our daily operations ensuring we remain aligned with both our local goals and the global standards set by IIBA®.
Policies and Procedures: Our Commitment to Best Practices
The Policies and Procedures document outlines the standard practices of our chapter. It ensures consistency in how we manage our affairs, engage with members, and collaborate with community partners. This transparency in operations supports our mission to foster an inclusive and professional environment.

Why Engage with Our Governance Documents?

Understanding these documents can provide you with insights into:

  • How decisions are made within our chapter
  • The roles and responsibilities of our leadership and members
  • How we handle membership, meetings, and events
  • The procedures we follow to maintain integrity and professionalism in all our activities

We encourage all members and prospective members to familiarize themselves with these documents. Doing so will help you better understand how you can contribute to and benefit from our community’s initiatives.

Let’s build a strong, informed, and connected business analysis community together!