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Standard Chapter Membership

To Join our Chapter or Renew your membership, you must have paid your annual dues for International Membership!
Our membership fees are for a 1-year term and are subject to yearly renewals.

Have Questions about the membership process prior to paying for your membership - then read the Frequently Asked Questions document first:


  • You must ensure that the email address you provide at time of payment matches the one provided for International Membership (IIBA.org)
  • If the email address does not match, we will be unable to link your membership
  • Alternatively, you can provide us with your IIBA (International) Membership ID# and we can use that to match up your membership


Due to covid-19 affecting everyone, the Chapter has decided to extend free membership fees.

Please ensure that you complete the purchase of the free membership to the end of process so that your membership will be valid.

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