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President's Message

Agile Manifesto’s first value is “Individuals and interactions over processes and tools”. In this
President’s Message, I encourage us all to put this value into practice outside of work. I challenge
everyone to find ways to take everyday interactions to help hone soft skills and frames of mind.

Look for ways to add value to your communications with individuals that you may take for
granted - the cashier at the grocery store, the Uber driver, or even the IT service desk technician. Find
ways to show genuine interest with everyone and take it beyond a thoughtless routine by making your
interaction special instead of transactional.

How would this kind of endeavour change your everyday interactions? How would it effect the
long-term relationships? Are the extra few minutes it takes to make someone feel special and seen too
great a cost? Do you think this shift in approach would have an impact on your relationships with
colleagues or customers?

I am mindful of practicing Agile Manifesto’s first value on my Uber trips. I show the driver extra
courtesy and attention by talking about their work, their family, and the city I am visiting. By having an
open conversation our interaction adds value to both our days. My mood is inevitably improved, and I
feel energized as I step out of the car.

In closing, I want to challenge and encourage you to make the extra effort to seek ways to add
value by improving our interactions until it becomes second nature. I strongly believe if we practice this
skill, all our interactions, work or otherwise; will become more meaningful.

Thank you,

Reg Cracknell,

Calgary Chapter Awards

Do you know an amazing team lead that deserves to be recognized?

Have you met a young co-worker that seems poised for greatness?

Do you work with a wise soul that is truly inspirational?

Call for IIBA Calgary Awards 2022. The nominations for awards will open in August 2022, so watch out for August's newsletter. The deadline for submitting Nominations is Oct 31' 2022.

The IIBA Calgary Awards will recognize outstanding members who demonstrate extraordinary talents and qualities honorable at a regional level.

For more information on awards, award guidelines, nominations, and procedures, please refer to the awards page on our website. 



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