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Session Schedule - Subject to Revision
All times Mountain Daylight Time


08:30  am    Registration & Networking
08:45  am    Welcome - Mike Jones
09:15  am   
KEYNOTE | Harness the Power of Happiness - Tia Graham
10:45  am    Break
11:00  am   
PEOPLE Becoming a Person of Influence - Niel Magsombol
12:00  pm    Lunch
12:45  pm   
PROCESS Maturing BA Capability through Standardized Processes - John Ojurabesa
02:00  pm    Break
02:15  pm   TECHNOLOGY | Using Technology as a Business Analysis Tool - Trevor Cook
03:45  pm    Case Study Activity
04:15  pm    Closing Remarks / Door Prizes
04:30  pm    Event Close

Speaker Bios & Presentation Abstracts

Tia Graham
Chief Happiness Officer | Founder | Author | Consultant | We help executives drive revenue growth by creating very happy and positive cultures.

Tia Graham is a professional leadership coach and has certificates in Positive Psychology, Neuroscience and a Certificate in Teaching Positive Psychology.

She is a certified Chief Happiness Officer for Happiness at Work.
She inspires leaders and people to reach their full potential and to arrive at happy - every day.
Tia is an established executive, having led sales, marketing and public relations efforts globally for over 14 years.

Presentation - Harness the Power of Happiness
In this motivating and interactive session, attendees will be inspired by the science of happiness and the connection between happiness and professional success.
The group will learn about the SPIRE Model of Well-Being and the upside of stress, and connect to Tia's personal stories. The presentation includes stratgies and tactics to connect with clients and build positive relationships.
The learning objectives are:

  • The choice of prioritizing happiness and well-being
  • How to increase happiness and professional success
  • How to recover from stress and have a healthy relationship with stress
  • Build closer client relationships 

Tia Graham Speaking.png

Niel Magsombol
Agile Transformation Coach / Leadership Trainer
PEOPLE - 11:00 am

Niel is an Agile Transformation/Business Agility Coach that has helped lead Enterprise Transformations in Global Fortune 100 Companies such as Caterpillar, Prudential, Pfizer, Boston Consulting & Fidelity.
He is also a John Maxwell Certified Leadership Trainer, Coach, Speaker and DISC Behavioral Analysis Trainer.
Niel is known as an insightful, energetic and humorous motivational speaker that has presented at several Fortune 100 Companies, PMI events around the country, as well as universities, professional sports teams and non-profit organizations.

Presentation - Becoming a Person of Influence
This session will cover how as a project leader, whether in agile or waterfall, you can increase your level of influence regardless of where you are in an org chart. 
Whatever your vocation or aspiration, you can increase your impact on others by Becoming a Person of Influence. Learn simple, insightful ways to interact more positively with others, and watch your personal and organizational success go off the charts. Based on the book written by the world’s foremost leadership expert, John Maxwell.

John Ojurabesa 173x173.png
John Ojourabesa
Director, Digital Team Member Tools, ATB Financial
PROCESS - 12:45 pm

John is a product management leader with proven experience across the domains of business analysis, digital product development, technology project management, business strategy and entrepreneurship.
Between 2009 and 2015, John was notably instrumental in the promotion and widespread adoption of business analysis principles and best practices as enshrined by IIBA® in Nigeria.
After helping to kick start the second African chapter of IIBA in 2009 and going on to serve on the Board of Directors for six years, he has continued to foster a greater understanding of the role and importance of business analysis across multiple industries.
John is a past volunteer with our Calgary Chapter in the role of Study Group Coordinator.

Presentation - Maturing Business Analysis Capability through Standardized Processes
As organizations around the world continue to invest in the development of business analysis practices and more opportunities become available for Business Analysts to thrive, the need for standardized operating models is becoming more apparent.
This session will help participants practically explore how to grow their organizations' Business Analysis Capabilities by leveraging the power of standardized processes.
At the end of this session participants will:

  • Understand approaches for establishing Business Analysis Practices and how business value is delivered by such practices
  • Become familiar with the Business Analysis Practice Maturity Model
  • Be able to understand and fully identify the stages of BA Practice Maturity
  • Understand the importance of Business Analysis Approaches, Specializations and Perspectives; as well as how they influence the design of BA Practices
  • Learn how to identify the peculiarities of their organizations and build tailored Business Analysis Practice Processes

Trevor Cook
Consultant | Analytics Architect
TECHNOLOGY - 2:15 pm

Trevor is a CBAP® Information Technology professional with over 20 years of industry experience. He is currently the analytics architect for a US based company.
Trevor has experience in various industries including medical, retail, pipeline and manufacturing.
He is a past volunter with our Calgary Chapter Board in the role of  Vice President.

Presentation Abstract:  Using Technology as a Business Analysis Tool
This session will reveal how the use of technology can be used as a BA tool! Trevor will be presenting on analytics and demonstrating how interactive visualizations of data and business intelligence can help BAs interact with stakeholders whilst doing requirements gathering and other BA & PM related activities. .


Mike Jones, CBAP
IIBA® Calgary Chapter
Opening and Closing Remarks

Mike holds a CBAP® as well as the new 'Agile' IIBA®-AAC designation and has been active in the Calgary Chapter over several years most notably as a 'Mentor' in the Mentorship program.
Mike took up the mantle of Director of Education for IIBA® Calgary Chapter in January 2018 and moved into the role of President in November 2019.



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