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Session Schedule - Subject to Revision
All times Mountain Daylight Time

Emcee:      Paula Maychruk

08:30  am    Doors Open - Registration & Networking
09:00  am    Welcome - Paula Maychruk
09:30  am    Opening Keynote - Michelle Cameron Coulter

10:30  am    Break
10:45  am    Data Analytics - Manvir Singh Grewal, Kim Kelln, Brian DeLuca
12:00  pm    Lunch
12:45  pm    Digital Transformation - Diana Pieper
01:45  pm    Break
02:00  pm    Cybersecurity - Adam McMath
03:00  pm    Break
03:15  pm    Cloud Services - Marcie Jones
04:15  pm    Closing Remarks / Door Prizes
04:30  pm    Doors Close

Speaker Bios & Presentation Abstracts

Michelle Cameron Coulter 170x170.png
Michelle Cameron Coulter
Olympic Gold Medalist | Speaker | Best Selling Author | Inspirational Leader & CEO of Inspiring Possibilities
Opening Keynote
9:30 am
Presentation Title:  Inspiring Possibilities - The Courage to Jump In

Michelle is the embodiment of today’s woman. Strong and empowering, she has embraced life’s challenges with strength and courage.
She brings insight, compassion, depth, and inspiration to the table, with six World Championships, an Olympic gold medal, marriage, four children, a successful inspirational speaking, workshop, and retreat business among her many accomplishments.
As a young girl, she overcame a tremendous fear of the water, going on to become an Olympic Champion in the sport of Synchronized swimming, then transitioning her experiences, life skills and learnings for the next chapters of her life.
Michelle has earned numerous accolades including the prestigious Order of Canada, has been inducted into the Canada Sports Hall of Fame, she is the first Albertan to win a Summer Olympic Gold Medal.

For 25 years, she has hosted the Michelle Cameron Invitational, served on numerous boards and helped raise millions of dollars for Charity including co-hosting the United Way Campaign.
Her passion is helping her clients tap into their own Gold Medal Potential in life, in a real, meaningful and tangible way.

“Being a Champion is not about being the best in the world.... it is about being the best we can be and being real in the process”

Inspiring Possibilities - The Courage to Jump In
How to build the courage to move through our fears, let go of perfection, rise to the top, and maintain a level of excellence that is sustainable and even enjoyable.
We are capable of far more than we know when we embrace and use our fears to our advantage.
We have the potential and leverage to create something much greater than we could ever imagine, and have FUN and find Joy along the way.


Manvir Grewal 170x170.png
Manvir Singh Grewal

Partner and Principal Data Architect at Shift Analytics Inc.
Time: 10:45 am
Subject:  Data Analytics

Manvir has over ten years of experience leading IT teams in complex domains focused on delivering business value through custom application development, business intelligence, and agile transformations.
He offers deep expertise in business intelligence and OLAP, with in-depth knowledge of relational and non-relational (NoSQL) databases, business intelligence tools, as well as data warehousing and data mining technologies

Presentation Abstract:  The Role of a Business Analyst in Modern Business Intelligence

Kim Kelln 170x170.png
Kim Kelln
Co Presenter:  Data Analytics

Kim Kelln is a data architect, data modeler and data analyst, contributing expertise to a broad spectrum of businesses since 1983. He has been instrumental in delivering effective and practical solutions to satisfy all of his customers' needs as they have evolved over the years.
Kim's clients have included many of the major oil and gas operators, both upstream and downstream, service companies and data vendors.
He has also designed information systems for business and engineering domains as diverse as electrical generation, transmission and distribution, rail transportation, and retail data management.
Kim is recognized for his capabilities in information and data architecture, analysis, modeling, quality and integration, and for his background, knowledge and understanding of industry standard data models such as the Public Petroleum Data Model (PPDM), the ARTS Retail Operational Data Model, and the Common Information Model (CIM) for electric utilities.

Brian DeLuca 170x170.png
Brian DeLuca
Partner and Principal Consultant at Shift Analytics Inc.
Co Presenter:  Data Analytics

Brian has over 15 years of Data Analytics and Business Intelligence experience working with an expansive list of clients across many different industries including Oil & Gas, Health Care, CPG, Retail, and Technology Start-Ups.
Brian’s focus is on bringing organizations into the modern age of actionable business intelligence by leveraging tools like Power BI and Cloud data infrastructure.

 Diana Pieper 170x170.png

Diana Pieper
Time: 12:45 pm
Subject:  Digital Transformation

Diana has been in IT in roles ranging from Developer to Manager for over 25 years.
She has implemented various programs and projects from custom builds through to COTS deployments, overseeing projects and portfolios ensuring quality, security and scalability through practice, consensus and collaboration.

Digital Transformation - Today and in the Future
Digital transformation considers processes of moving an organization into information-centered environments.
The transformation brings unity to data, enabling access, analysis, processing and extraction to disparate outlets while maintaining consistency, currency and structure within the underlying information.
A digital transformation will allow a corporation to improve its flow of information thereby increasing efficiency and throughput.
Moreover, a digitally transformed organization will have stronger accountability, integrity and an easier auditing trail through consistent and ubiquitous data repositories with greater accessibility and use.

Digital transformations are commonly enacted through the use of cloud-based data storage. In this way, data is maintained in a single virtual location at arms-length from any single user.
Thus, all accessors of the information may view the same data set and have the latest up-to-date versions.
This approach opens questions of security which need due consideration in enabling the transformation.
Other issues to be addressed include parallel and large-scale portals and network integrity aspects.

With proper care to establish a robust environment, a digitally transformed organization will have significantly enhanced opportunities to increase productivity, improve the customer experiences and expand operations.

Adam McMath 170x170.png
Adam McMath

General Manager, Cybersecurity, The Calgary Airport Authority
Time: 2:00 pm
Subject:  Cybersecurity
Presentation Title:  Cybersecurity

Adam is a multi-decade information technology and risk management professional, who pays large sums of annual maintenance fees to many IT and Security organizations.
An aficionado of electrons and taker-aparter-of-things, Adam believes that everyone has the potential to be an amazing risk assessor, in a world that gets more technologically-complex by the minute.

Cybersecurity is Everyone's Responsibility
The hacker mindset, “something brilliant was designed to meet a tangible need, so let’s see what else it’s capable of doing!”
Of course, we prefer when exposures are discovered by folks who aren’t on Santa’s Naughty List.
Let’s explore our individual roles in technology risk management, by understanding how Cybersecurity professionals view the world, and expanding the all-play in reducing vulnerabilities.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Cybersecurity and Technology Risk Management Nomenclature: “what the heck did the geek just say?”
  2. Technology Risk has infected every facet of our lives: Cybersecurity as a design function will get you much farther than a just a quality assurance function.
  3. Cybersecurity is temporal: just because it’s awesome today doesn’t mean it’ll be awesome tomorrow.
  4. The Cybersecurity Community wants to entertain you: amazing resources to learn more.

Marcie Jones 170x170.png
Marcie Jones

Director, Canada Business Enablement at TC Energy
Time: 3:15 pm
Subject:  Cloud Services

Marcie Jones is the Director of Canadian Business Enablement at TC Energy.
She is accountable for partnering with the business to deliver outcomes through innovative technologies.
Prior to joining TC Energy in July 2020, Marcie built a strong profile within the Calgary community, working at Amazon Web Services.
Here she enabled enterprise customer to accelerate their adoption of the cloud and realize transformational results.
With 20 years of digital experience, she has consistently been a catalyst for change, in both the corporate and agency environments.

Marcie's home life is consumed with raising twin boys.
Though they are kept busy with hockey and skiing, travel is also an important part of their family.
Exploring the worlds vast diversity and cultures never gets old.

The Cloud - Changing the Way Organizations Operate
We are in the midst of a titanic shift in the corporate landscape.
Much of this is driven by the adoption of cloud technologies.
Organizations who realize the full potential of the cloud are looking beyond the technology and engaging in a new operating model.
Learn how cloud technologies enable an innovation driven organization.


Paula Maychruk, CBAP
Past President
IIBA® Calgary Chapter

Paula works in the aviation industry here in Calgary as a General Manager, Project Delivery.
She holds both her CBAP® and PMI-ACP designations, and has spent over 10 years working for and with IIBA® in a variety of capacities.
Her career has taken her all over Canada, as well as overseas, and (aside from work) her passions include training at the local gym, travelling, volunteering, and spending quality time with family and friends.
She is motivated the most by building new relationships, solving problems, helping people, and finding ways to add value.
Paula is also a frequent speaker at IIBA®/PMI conferences and chapter events, with a special focus on agile practices, project delivery models, and certification.
Paula currently serves on our Chapter Board as 'Past President; she was our 'Chapter President' from 2017-2019.

Mike Jones, CBAP
IIBA® Calgary Chapter
Opening and Closing Remarks

Mike holds a CBAP® as well as the new 'Agile' IIBA®-AAC designation and has been active in the Calgary Chapter over several years most notably as a 'Mentor' in the Mentorship program.
Mike took up the mantle of Director of Education for IIBA® Calgary Chapter in January 2018 and moved into the role of President in November 2019.




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