"Thank you for allowing me to be a part of the mentorship program. It has been an immense learning experience for me as it helped me in many ways. After applying for the mentorship program, I was assigned a mentor within a week and we had our first meeting a week after. My mentor, Mike Jones, was really kind and generous to spare a few hours out of his busy schedule for weeks to help me to prepare for the CCBA exam. He also guided me on various techniques and corrected my requirements elicitation approach for a project. I am so grateful to the Mentorship Coordinator, Achala, for quickly processing my protégé application and assigning me a mentor."

Submitted by former Calgary Chapter Member:  Raghu Mohindru
Submitted:  January 2018


"Mentoring will have its own value to different people. To me, I’ve learned how to better engage and raise my level of how I approach things. I’ve learned how to work with people differently. I’ve found that being engaged and pushed by someone I respect and value, has raised my game. It has made me a more attentive and respectful BA. Working with someone who I’ve openly allowed to shape my skills has made me more curious, I embrace ideas, I have become spongelike soaking up the knowledge and improvement. I have witnessed techniques I’ve read about, and seen them practiced in real time. I learn about my mentor himself. I’m offered opportunities to help in return. I’ve witnessed the professional approach to how important it is to support others. It takes a lot of courage to open up and allow another person to impact our choices, approaches, behaviors, and way of thinking, after all, it’s about vulnerability and trust.  I would like to thank my Mentor Reg Cracknell for giving his time, expertise, advice, and coaching to guide me and help me become better.  I am forever grateful to Reg and hope to one day give back.  The mentorship program and working with Reg was the best thing I have done in decades.  How often do we get a chance to invest in ourselves with no financial cost? When we take a course, it can cost thousands of dollars, when we engage with a mentor, our return on Investment is astronomically greater than what could be reaped from a formal institution. I’ve not only made a valuable contact in my network, I’ve made a genuine friend."

Submitted by:  Steve Elliott
Submitted: September 03 2021