Message from Your Chapter President - June 2021
​​​​​​   President's Message   Here are two quotes from Albert Einstein:   -Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its        whole life believing that it is stupid.   -Few...
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Message from Your Chapter President - April 2021
President's Message & Invitation to Special General Meeting May 10, 2021 Exciting News! Have You Heard? Chapter and IIBA Global Membership to Combine on May 4, 2021! IIBA Membership Harmonization will take effect next month. The world has become a smaller place and now your IIBA...
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Have you Heard? Announcing Your Keynote Speaker PDD 2021
Announcing: Tia Graham, Opening Keynote Speaker Professional Development Day 2021 - Monday, June 14, 2021  Tia Graham Chief Happiness Officer | Founder | Author | Consultant | We help executives drive revenue growth by creating very happy and positive cultures.
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Have you Heard? Dianna Pieper Featured Session Leader for People | Process | Technology Series
Announcing: Dianna Pieper, Session Leader PEOPLE | PROCESS | TECHNOLOGY SERIES 2021 Dianna Pieper Consultant Disruptive Leader| Speaker | Converged Technology & Delivery | Fail Smart & Learn Fast Session Leader PEOPLE | PROCESS |...
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Message from Your Chapter President - March 2021
President's Message - Special Edition to Honor International Women's Day - March 8th This month's message brought to you by your Chapter Communications Portfolio Did You Know? International Women's Day is annually held on March 8 to celebrate women's achievements throughout history and...
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Message from Your Chapter President - February 2021
Overcoming Resistance to Change Have you ever had trouble describing your profession? In the 90s sitcom 'Friends', no one understood what Chandler Bing did for a living. After four seasons, in a high stakes trivia game to decide who gets the big apartment, no one could come up with the answer....
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Message from Your Chapter President - January 2021
"Practice makes perfect." We've all heard it. The phrase is centuries old tracing back to its origins in Latin. This sentiment, in some form, shows up in every language. In Dutch it is, "Practice gives birth to art." A rough translation from Mandarin is, "Practice gives birth to skill."...
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Announcement! Election Results Fall 2020
As there were no opposing candidates for any of the open positions up for election this fall the following Board Positions are elected via acclamation: Treasurer: Corey Hyndman, Director of Education:  Eno Eka, Director of Member Services:  Depika Dalal, Director of Events:...
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Call for Candidates! Elections Fall 2020
The following Board Positions are up for election this fall: Treasurer - Candidate: Corey Hyndman, Director of Education - Incumbent:  Eno Eka, Director of Events - Vacant, Director of Member Services - Incumbent:  Depika Dalal, This Call for Candidates will be active...
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Have you Heard? Eno Eka Presenting IIBA Exclusive 'Unlocking Your BA Potential'
'Unlocking Your Business Analysis Potential' - IIBA (Global Member Only) Event Wednesday, October 28, 2020 @ 10:00 - 11:00 am MDT Join us for a deep dive into understanding how your business analysis competencies are key requirements for a successful business analysis career. Eno Eka, CBAP,...
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