Message from Your Chapter President - May 2022

thinker                                                      President's Message

Pay It Forward


I like to think that society works best when we all strive to be selfless and generous. Random acts of kindness, volunteering, philanthropy, charities are excellent options but these may not be something all of us can tackle. What we all can do is adopt a philosophy of paying forward.

Paying it forward is nothing new. Benjamin Franklin is known for espousing this concept. It even appears in ancient Greek plays. Sometimes it feels like each generation has to relearn the importance of this concept. Each of us can do our part to ensure it continues to thrive.

The basic philosophy is that we can seldom repay a good deed but we can lend a good deed to someone else. Here is how I would suggest you put this into practice. Take stock of your life and keep track of the great things that happen to you. When something good happens to you, vigilantly look for some way to help another person. Not a grand jesture, just something small. Just keep it in mind until you have paid it forward.

There are two positive outcomes. One is creating a better society but the other is helping you remember that good things really do happen to you and to others. Give it try, you won't regret it.

Thank you,

Reg Cracknell,