Message from Your Chapter President - December 2021

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An Introduction to Your New President

I want to provide some insight into your new president of the IIBA® Calgary Chapter. You need to know that our vision statement, “Putting our members at the Heart of Everything We Do” is truly my number one guiding principal. You are at the heart of everything I do. You should feel that is true by the events, the education, the communications and every other endeavour that I and the chapter leadership does.

Have you ever lead an initiative, a project, or other business analysis work effort? I am sure that you have felt that leadership weight and have given your all to make the effort a success. This is the exact weight I feel and the effort I am going to put into being the leader that you need leading your local chapter.

I take this position very seriously. I want you to be able to witness my serious attitude in my leading of the chapter. Similar to our recent past president, I am a servant leader. My role here is to serve you. My goal is for you to feel this and believe that you are my number one priority.

You will be able to see that I am surrounded by a truly capable and outstanding team to guide, steer and lead. You will find that I am accessible to you and I will listen to you. You are the most important person and without you I will not be successful.

Since this is my introduction to you, I need to provide you with some insight about myself. Over the years I have managed my own IT consulting business providing ERP & CRM solutions. I currently work as a business analyst at SMART Technologies ULC. I hold both CBAP® and PMP® certification and have been dedicated to the IIBA® Calgary Chapter for 4 years. My beautiful wife, Linda, and I have been blessed with three amazing children and four energetic grandchildren.

I would like you wish you all a safe, fun and family filled time this holiday season. I hope that you get some rest and relaxation in as well. I am proud of what the chapter has been able to do over the past year and I look forward to what we can do together in 2022.

Please check out your IIBA® Calgary Chapter volunteers @ Calgary Chapter Volunteers | IIBA

Thank you



Reg Cracknell,