Message from Your Chapter President - April 2021

President's Message & Invitation to Special General Meeting May 10, 2021globe_connected.png

Exciting News!

Have You Heard? Chapter and IIBA Global Membership to Combine on May 4, 2021!
IIBA Membership Harmonization will take effect next month.
The world has become a smaller place and now your IIBA membership gives you access to the community of chapters worldwide.
This is a global model of teamwork, partnership and affiliation. One membership, one community.
We enjoy serving you as the Calgary Chapter team and would love to give you this opportunity to explore these exciting changes with us.
Please help us on May 10th to ratify our revised Bylaws and join in the discussion of what Membership Harmonization means to you.

Mike Jones,

Membership Harmonization FAQs:

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