Have you Heard? Announcing Your Keynote Speaker PDD 2021

Announcing: Tia Graham, Opening Keynote Speaker
Professional Development Day 2021 - Monday, June 14, 2021 


Tia Graham
Chief Happiness Officer | Founder | Author | Consultant | We help executives drive revenue growth by creating very happy and positive cultures.

Opening Keynote
Tia Graham is a professional leadership coach and has certificates in Positive Psychology, Neuroscience and a Certificate in Teaching Positive Psychology.
She is a certified Chief Happiness Officer for Happiness at Work.
She inspires leaders and people to reach their full potential and to arrive at happy - every day.
Tia is an established executive, having led sales, marketing and public relations efforts globally for over 14 years.
Her insights have been featured in national publications like Forbes, The Los Angeles Times, Well + Good, and Yoga Journal. As a Certified Chief Happiness Officer, she can help CEOs and Chief People Officers with Leadership and Employee Engagement to Experience Positive Culture Transformation through utilizing her evidence-based aah! Business Accelerator Program. Her book, The Happy Leader, will be published January 2022 with Morgan James Publishing.

Tia led a virtual happiness program for our law firm. She is a dynamic speaker and leader who leaves you wanting to hear more. Tia promised us that we would leave the experience feeling happy and inspired and she certainly delivered. I can’t wait to have her back whenever we need a happiness tune up!
- Lisa Hamilton, Partner, Hamilton Fabbro Lawyers

Tia’s keynote speech at American Spa’s debut West Coast Women in Wellness Leadership Conference was everything we had hoped it would be and more. She provided attendees with tangible takeaways for finding joy from within. Her inspiring message of hope and happiness was the perfect way to conclude the day.
- Heather Mikesell, Executive Editor, American Spa Magazine

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