Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

social-network-md.pngHow do I join the Calgary Chapter?

This is a 2 step process:
  • First, Join IIBA. Here's the link:
Note:  You are in Region 1
  • Next, join our Calgary Chapter. Here's the link:


Who is a Chapter Member?
Chapter Member: an individual who is registered with IIBA and with the Chapter.

a. they have paid membership dues to IIBA;
b. they have paid membership dues to the Chapter;
c.they have not been suspended as a Chapter Member; and
d. they have no past due invoices with the Chapter.
What is a 'Member in Good Standing'? (question asked when you register to 'join the Chapter')
 An individual who has registered and paid their current annual membership dues to IIBA. (International Membership)


  • You must ensure that the email address you provide at time of payment matches the one provided for International Membership (
  • If the email address does not match, we will be unable to link your membership
  • It is PREFERRED that you use your email address as your USER NAME
  • Alternatively, you can provide us with your IIBA (International) Membership ID# and we can use that to match up your membership

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